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Investor Day in Singapore Successfully Hosted by Jenga and Foundation X

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Investor Day in Singapore was successfully organized by Jenga K and Foundation X on the 18th of September 2018. This event attracted over 250 attendees including 50+ VC investors such as OK Blockchain Capital, Signum Capital, Node capital, et al

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During the event, our partner, Tammy Ahn of Jenga Korea, welcomed all participants and gave a brief summary of Jenga’s businesses to the audiences.

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Thereafter, Jenga’s CEO, Iris Xu, dove deeper into the introduction of the 4 business units existing under Jenga Group, including Jenga Solutions (TGE advisory and technology support), DMC Jenga (in-house corporate services and global business consulting), Jenga K (Jenga solutions for the Korean market) and Jenga Pay (licensed remittance and currency exchange services, a joint venture with iApps)

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CEO of Foundation X, Jay Hwang, introduced Foundation X and the 17 projects which presented at the event.

"FoundationX is a blockchain accelerator, building blockchain business ecosystem. Our ideas, people, and capital are united under a single purpose of innovating and transforming technology to deliver more exciting, interactive and decentralized future."

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During the event, snacks and beverages were provided, and 2 meeting rooms were available for investors and project representatives to network.

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Jenga vs Foundation X

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