Headquartered in Singapore, the rising fin-tech and blockchain hub in APAC, Jenga is your go-to one-stop partner for global business expansion. We help you solve business issues from corporate structuring and entity set up across multiple jurisdictions to global banking and compliance challenges. We also provide support for the marketing and communication strategy for different local markets, and we specialized in China, Korea, and Southeast Asia entry strategy.


    Jenga is founded with the vision of uplifting tech-innovation and the entrepreneurship ecosystem by empowering technology start-ups and accelerating their successes. By teaming up with Jenga's task force with prior backgrounds in the blockchain industry, investment banking, venture capital, marketing, and management consulting, you will receive support in business planning, implementation and strategy advisory backed by industry-proven best practices to fuel your company’s long-term success.


    There are four business units under the Jenga group:

    Jenga Solutions blockchain business advisory and technology support, a partner company of Ziggurat.cn

    DMC Jenga Singapore ACRA certified corporate secretary and accounting service firm

    Jenga K blockchain business advisory for Korea market

    Jenga Advisors US blockchain business compliance advisory for the US market


    You can focus wholeheartedly on your core technologies and Jenga will take care of the rest


    Conceptualization, business model validation, implementation design, project management and office support.


    Support in setting up international offices, sourcing for talent

    and building global networks to develop business partnerships.


    We bring together the brightest minds from the blockchain industry, investment banking and management consulting

    Iris Xu

    CEO of Jenga BCG (Jenga Solutions, DMC Jenga, Jenga K, Ziggurat International)

    Iris Xu has more than a decade of strategic consulting experience in traditional and digital industries. She is also a seasoned venture capitalist with a focus on fin-tech startups.


    Based in Singapore, Iris has dedicated her career to nurturing a highly professional team to provide one-stop in-house operational support to global technology companies, especially blockchain startups.


    She currently oversees four business units: Jenga Solutions (Blockchain TGE Consulting Team), DMC Jenga (Corporate Secretary and Accounting Services, and Compliance Support for Technology Startups), Jenga K (Blockchain TGE Consulting Korea Market) and IFC Associates (Concierge for Financial Services in Singapore).


    Having advised many well-known projects worldwide, Iris has accumulated a wealth of experience implementing projects and a wide network of industry resources to help blockchain companies launch their ventures globally.

    Simon Wang

    Director of DMC Jenga, MRI Moores Rowland

    ACCA, CA(Singapore), EA(Singapore)


    Simon Wang has more than 10 years’ experience in accounting and auditing. He merged the traditional and innovation in DMC Jenga, brings accounting and auditing system into blockchain filed.


    He is heading the outsourcing and corporate secretarial unit of the firm. His expertise are managing the engagement in accounting, payroll, income tax and GST compliance, human resource and employment related matters and other compliance advisory. He is also the Director heading the migration service unit of DMC Jenga with main focus on migration planning, investment planning within Asia Pacific countries which include China, Singapore, Australia and Malaysia

    Louis Liu

    Director of DMC Jenga, Senior Tax Adviser

    Louis Liu was ex-director of DMC Consulting. He was also the advisor for China Desk, supporting Singapore-based Chinese clients on advisory matters in China. He is in charge of business advisory engagement which include Pre-IPO Consultants, business and tax planning, and advisory.


    He has more than 10 years' experience in the areas of auditing and business advisory. He currently also serves as the CFO for China Taisan Technology Group Holding limited and Chairmen of audit committee for JES international Holding Limited. Louis is Chartered Accountant (Singapore). He is also the Member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

    Tammy Ahn

    Partner of Jenga Korea

    Tammy Ahn is an investment expert with 13 years of experience including working as investment strategist with Citibank's Asia WM team.


    Based on her entrepreneur experience in IT in 1990s and financial expertise, Tammy is currently a well recognized mentor and advisor for finance and technology startups both in Singapore and Korea.With her rich experience and extensive networks in Finance technology industry, Tammy has been providing consulting services to global startups who are looking for Asia expansion.


    Tammy is a Wharton School and Seoul National University Alum.

    Jackson Liu

    VP, Business Operations

    Jackson Liu has many years of experience in providing accounting, taxation and business advisory services to a broad range of clients across various industries such as technology, food and beverage, construction, manufacturing and trading companies. His clients include both local and global companies.


    Jackson is also experienced in strategic planning and reorganization, advising clients on improvements of their operations and globalization strategies to ensure long-term success of their project.


    Jackson’s interest in blockchain began in 2017 but being a fast-learner, he has quickly adapted to industry changes and applied his expertise to help his cliental. Familiar with traditional landing industry and the needs of current blockchain technology companies, Jackson helps his clients build legal compliance frameworks and tax planning, integrating existing resources and platforms. He also uses his business acumen to assist clients in docking resources and assessment projects.


    Jackson Liu graduated from RMIT University (Australia) with a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy).

    Poppy Deng

    VP, Marketing and Communication

    Poppy Deng's expertise lies in her innate ability to develop customised digital and integrated media campaigns and bringing them to fruition. She has designed and executed marketing strategy for 20+ blockchain projects. Her superb skill set has brought resounding success to the reach of Jenga's clients and their global brand awareness.


    Her forte spans the entire spectrum of brand evangelism. From the strategizing of the entire campaign to the collaboration with various creative, media and public relations teams. Poppy ensures that the campaign is seamlessly propagated across diverse channels and platforms.


    Poppy holds a Master of Business from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and a Bachelor of Law in Diplomacy from Renmin University, China.

    Nicolette Ong

    VP, Project Management

    A media professional in the publishing industry, Nicolette Ong manages content production for Jenga’s portfolio of clients. Her expertise lies in creating engaging and insightful content that will resonate with readers.


    Having worked in Singapore’s largest broadcasting center Mediacorp for more than a decade, Nicolette understands the importance of having strong market campaigns and media relationships. With her background in writing and content marketing, she ensures that the client’s content is communicated clearly in their collateral and their branding is consistent across all their platforms including social media and websites.


    As a project manager, she also helps liaise with Jenga’s marketing and PR partners to ensure the overall success of their clients' projects.

    Sarah Wu

    ACCA, Corporate Secretarial Manager​

    Sarah has more than 6 years of experience in the industry providing accounting and corporate secretarial solutions to clients. As an Associate Member of the Chartered Accountant of Singapore (CA), Sarah is able to apply her expertise in handling both corporate secretarial and accounting matters for clients. In her time at DMC Jenga, she has handled and continues to handle more than 200 clients comprising SMEs and multinational companies including those from the fintech industry.


    Her experience allows her to meet the needs of a constantly evolving industry where changes in laws and regulations occur regularly. Her many years of troubleshooting tough regulatory issues and other difficulties encountered by clients put her in good stead to assist all clients during every stage of their business.


    Sarah holds a degree in Applied Accounting and is an Associate Member of Chartered Accountant of Singapore (CA).

    Lynn Xu

    Product&Service Manager​

    Lynn has a wealth of experience assisting her clients with brand evangelism. Her innate understanding of her clients' branding needs empowers her to plan and design the entire brand evangelism campaign from the ground up. Her expertise in the various design software coupled with her creative eye allows her to incorporate rich visual and graphic experience in her clients' advertorials and branding campaign.


    Having worked in the field of design for an international organisation previously, she has participated in many projects of different scale and has collaborated with a multicultural team to attain her clients' vision in their branding campaigns. She is skilled in moulding the campaigns to engage different target audience to build their awareness and shape their perception of the clients' services and/or products and consequently, her clients' brand.


    Lynn currently holds a degree in architecture from Hunan University of Science and Technology.

    Paulus Pham​

    Vietnam Business and Community Partner

    Paulus began his career as a digital marketing and Community Manager in 2008 and has been instrumental in managing digital marketing activities on different social media platforms like Telegram, Whatsapp, Wechat, Discord, Reddit,and has provided community management and marketing services for over 10 blockchain projects.


    He excels in engaging the community through his ability to answer tough questions and to manage disruptive behaviour by clearing any misunderstandings that the community might have with regard to each project. In addition, Paulus has much experience in organizing different type of offline events in Vietnam.


    He is now the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Clover Solutions.

    Lingxiao Yang

    Digital Asset Management Advisor and Partner of Trade Terminal

    Lingxiao Yang has worked in top investment banks and consulting firms namely Morgan Stanley and Accenture management consulting in Singapore. A seasoned professional in the finance field, Lingxiao has helped many financial innovation enterprises in Asia achieve their business goals.

    Since 2014, he has focused on blockchain technologies, crypto-economy and business strategy consultation in the blockchain sphere. He actively promoted blockchain internal capability build-up in Accenture and co-led the first PoC project in the region. Currently based in New York City, Lingxiao provides clients with strategic advice on cross-legislation legal compliance, PR/marketing, internal strategy formulation, exchange on-boarding, and investor relations.


    Lingxiao is a Singapore Government Full Scholarship recipient and holds a Bachelor of Industrial and Systems Engineering and Master of Financial Engineering (MFE) at National University of Singapore, and MBA of Columbia Business School.

    Clarence Guo

    Legal Adviser

    Clarence Guo oversees the corporate department in Tzedek Law LLC. His practice focuses on the area of corporate banking and finance, and in the area of financial services regulations. His clients include major local and international banks, funds and fund managers, large real estate developers and owners, as well as young start-up companies. In particular, he specializes in assisting fintech start-ups and has developed much expertise assisting companies dealing with blockchain technology/ virtual currencies.


    Clarence has been endorsed in the banking and finance section of the Legal 500 2017 edition -- a legal directory ranking the top lawyers of each country -- as having a "fine record in real estate finance".

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